Welcome to Recipes for the Future

Over the last seven year we – and I mean WE, not ME – built the last two generations of digital products for Vorwerk – the TM5, Cookidoo, and the TM6. As far as we know, we have created one of the largest Smart Kitchen platforms worldwide, with 3 Mio. connected devices, nearly 7 Mio. registered accounts, and 1 Mio. daily active users – all powered by the TM Cloud Architecture (which we refer to as TMDE2). During this time, we learned a lot. And I mean, really A LOT.

Now, that the whole world is currently starting to slow down because of the Coronavirus crisis, I finally decided to start record some of the most important lessons, misconceptions, bullshit statements, and discoveries that we encountered – and maybe some people might find it interesting.

But even more important than that, maybe some people will actually look at the things that we have done and do something different because of it. We all learn from others – and certainly most of the things we’ve done right over the last seven years were not invented by us. That’s why I will try to include as many references, links and resources in my posts – hoping that they will guide you as they have guided as.

Julius Ganns
(March 21st, 2020)