How to Approach New Assignments

Transitions are one of the few situations in every career where time is of the essence and therefore acting quickly and decisively is critical for success. But are new jobs the only situation in which the environment changes nearly instantly and in which you have to adapt to completely new goals and expectations? If your job has something to do with projects or you work as a consultant, the answer is probably “No”.

So instead of wasting time with the wrong things and trying to figure out what you should do in which order, why not use the ECM framework to provide you with a simple step-by-step process  that can help you to master your new assignment successfully.

  1. Invest Time to Collect, Process and Organize All Available Information
  2. Analyze the Situation and Take a Look at the Big Picture
  3. Search for Root Causes and Define the Minimum Requirements for Success
  4. Ensure Your Visibility without Sacrificing Sustainability
  5. Outline the Strategic Direction and Set Goals based on a Realistic Scope and Timeline
  6. Get Feedback Early, Negotiate Support and Build Strong Coalitions
  7. Get Your Reporting in Order and Make Sure, You Know Always Where You Are
  8. Manage the Expectations of Others and Build Productive Relationships
  9. Focus on the Real Priorities and Balance Conflicting Interests
  10. Align Structures, Processes and Systems with Your Strategy
  11. Get the Right People with the Right Skills into the Right Jobs
  12. Execute Your Plan, Control Your Results and Adapt to Change Quickly
  13. Make Sure to Receive and Incorporate Feedback

Interested in learning more about the ECM framework? Stay tuned…

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